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Clover - Youtube Thumbnail Templates

Clover - Youtube Thumbnail Templates

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Make your YouTube videos stand out with Clover, our classic and editorial-inspired thumbnail template for Canva. With its clean lines, refined typography, and timeless design elements, Clover allows you to create captivating and professional thumbnails that entice viewers and convey a sense of elegance and sophistication.

This bundle includes 16 unique Youtube Thumbnail template designs all with the ability to promote all your new videos. These are exclusively available via Canva (so you will need a Canva subscription).

You can customize the template to fit your brand by updating the background colors, accent colors, fonts, copy & images. Simply upload your images to Canva and add to your desired graphic.

This is perfect for realtors, interior designers, creatives, Youtubers, online entrepreneurs, small business owners & more!


You will get a pdf that includes a link to the Canva templates.

Please note: Graphics, fonts, devices & images used are from what’s included within Canva. I do NOT own any of these assets. Depending on the images, fonts & graphics you end up using, a Canva Pro account may be required.


This Youtube Thumbnail template is for Canva only. You will need a Canva or Canva Pro account. You can download sign up for Canva Pro here.

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