Frequently Asked Questions

All of your top questions are answered below. You can also find video tutorials via our Youtube channel here or reach out to our support directly here.

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What platform are your website templates made for?

Our website templates are built on different platforms including Squarespace & Shopify. The platform will be listed in the title. We have legacy templates that have Wordpress (DIVI) and ShowIt templates

What platform are your collateral & business templates made for?

The platform will be specified on the listing & product. Most collateral templates use either Canva or Adobe XD. We also use Notion & PSD for mockups and Notion templates. The platform will be listed under requirements.

Can I update the branding to fit my brand?

Absolutely! You can update colors, fonts, images, & copy on our website & brand collateral templates.

Do I need to know how to code?

Not unless you want to. If code is required, it's very minor and noted on the listing. However, the majority of our website templates don't require code.

Do you host or offer domains for the website templates?

No. Hosting plans, subscriptions to the platforms & themes, and domains are all purchased separately. We do NOT host or pay for any of those items.

What if I'm not super techie?

That's no problem! We use themes and platforms that offer easy to use drag and drop builders so you don't really have to be techie. We also have video tutorials and walkthroughs on our Youtube channel so you can see how easy our templates are to use before purchase.

Do I need anything else for the website templates?

For Wordpress, you will need a hosting provider, domain and any theme required. For Squarespace, you will need a domain and Squarespace subscription. For ShowIt, you will need a domain & Showit subscription. For Shopify, you will need a Shopify & Pagefly subscription. You may also need a Canva subscription or Adobe XD subscription to make updates to graphics. All requirements are listed on each product.

Can I add a shop to my website?

Yes! Platforms like Squarespace & Shopify already come with e-commerce capabilities (just make sure you pay for the right plan). You'll need to add woocommerce to Wordpress for shops. For Showit you can use Shopify buy buttons to integrate a shop with your site. So yes, possible but some platforms may require additional steps or additional costs.

How do Squarespace website templates work?

Squarespace templates will be installed via a NEW Squarespace site and delivered via invitation within 2 business days (MST). You will get an email with a contributor invite, once accepted, the template will be added as a new site to your Squarespace account. Make sure you provide the correct email upon purchase.

How do Shopify (Pagefly) website templates work?

You will need a paid Shopify account and a paid Pagefly Builder App installed. You'll get .pagefly files of each page upon purchase. You will import those pages into Pagefly.

How do Wordpress (DIVI) website templates work?

You will need Wordpress installed on your hosting plan and the DIVI theme by Elegant themes. The .json files will be provided in a .zip file. You can import each page into a new page on your site.

How do ShowIt website templates work?

Once purchased, you'll get a pdf that contains access to a share key that you can add to your Showit account. Once the share key is added, the template will appear on your showit site.

What website platform is right for me?

Website platforms are a personal / business decision. We suggest focusing on functionality first when deciding on a platform. If you need help deciding, reach out.

What if I need help?

Feel free to reach out to support via our contact page or check out tutorials via our Youtube channel.

What is your return policy?

Due to the digital nature of all of our products, no refunds or exchanges will be available. All sales are final.

Please note that some of our products require additional tools or third party sites resources in order for them to be used, please do not purchase if you do not plan to buy or already own those tools. If for some reason, you did not receive the product via download or email, please reach out to for additional support.