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Client Portal Dashboard Notion Template

Client Portal Dashboard Notion Template

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Ready to provide a great client experience to all your clients, all while staying organized and having everything client related in one spot? That’s where the Notion Client Portal Dashboard Template comes in. I love this as a designer to keep track of client info, project details, project timelines, inspo and more all in one place. This is where I keep all my client facing information so it’s easy for clients to add in their own info, feedback and have access to files without all the emails. This template has space for a *project overview,* *project timeline, project details, inspiration, project admin, quick links, project files and more.* It’s all mostly on one page so everything is available at first glance aside from additional feedback and notes. If you’re a designer or other creative, check it out! Hopefully it makes the client process easier, smoother and overall better for you both!

Notion is a great tool used for project management, organization, databases and more!

Please note: the image used is from Unsplash and the icons are from Notion. Some images may be from Pexels.


This is a notion template so you must have a Notion account.

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