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To Do List Notion Template for Freelancers & Small Business Owners

To Do List Notion Template for Freelancers & Small Business Owners

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The To Do List Notion template is great for service based small businesses & freelancers but can also be changed slightly to work for school, personal or other tasks. This list comes with a flexible view for what tasks are top priorities, the tasks for the week, tasks for the month, reminders & more. The calendar allows a quick view to know what’s going on or add in new deadlines all on one page. This is a great to do list template that allows for enough space to write everything down without the overwhelming feeling of having to do it all at once. You can move items around as needed and customize the copy and colors.

Notion is a great tool used for project management, organization, databases and more!

*Please note: the image used is from Unsplash and the icons are from Notion.


This is a Notion template. You will receive a PDF with a link to the notion template. Once logged in to your Notion account, you can click the 'duplicate' link on the template to add it to your account. 


This is a Notion template so you must have a Notion account.

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