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Ray - Social Media Templates

Ray - Social Media Templates

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Embrace the sun-kissed charm of Ray, our captivating social media templates for Canva that capture the whimsical essence of cottagecore with a delightful sunflower motif. With its warm color palette, enchanting illustrations, and customizable designs, Ray allows you to infuse your social media feed with the joyful radiance of sunflowers, creating a captivating and cozy online presence that will charm your followers.

This bundle includes 20 unique square and 20 vertical designs all with the ability to promote services, showcase testimonials, share images, blog posts and more. These are exclusively available via Canva (so you will need a Canva subscription). You can use these templates on Instagram, Pinterest, FB, LinkedIn, & TikTok since we offer square and vertical sizes.

You can customize the template to fit your brand by updating the background colors, accent colors, fonts, copy & images. Simply upload your images to Canva and add to your desired graphic.

This is perfect for bloggers, service providers, cozy creatives, photographers, designers, gamers, and more.


You will get a pdf that includes links to the Canva template.

Please note: Graphics, fonts, devices & images used are from what’s included within Canva. I do NOT own any of these assets. Depending on the images, fonts & graphics you end up using, a Canva Pro account may be required.


This Instagram template is for Canva only. You will need a Canva or Canva Pro account.

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Due to the digital nature of the product, there are no refunds or exchanges and all sales are final. By purchasing our product, you agree to our refund policy.

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