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Media Kit Notion Template

Media Kit Notion Template

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Ready to make money as an influencer or content creator? Don’t have time to put together a PDF or web page as a media kit? Want to keep all your media kit information organized? Use our Media Kit Notion Template. You can use the share features to easily share your pricing & stats with potential sponsors OR keep it as an internal doc to keep yourself organized. This template has Sections for your bio, website stats, social media stats, podcast states, press features, pricing and how to book. It’s all on one page so everything is available at first glance and has plenty of spaced for images (or you can swap out with videos).

Notion is a great tool used for project management, organization, databases and more!

Please note: the image used is from Unsplash and the icons are from Notion. Some images may be from Pexels.


This is a notion template so you must have a Notion account.

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