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Rosa - Collage Mood Board Templates

Rosa - Collage Mood Board Templates

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Create beautiful collage mood boards for your clients or yourself with Rosa - Collage Mood Board Templates. This bundle includes 12 collage inspired mood board templates sized for printed documents.

The main components within Adobe XD allow you to easily update all 12 templates in seconds. You can customize the images, colors & background color to fit your desired needs. Simply drag and drop the images into the main components or to each individual image space, change the color blocks & background color by inputting hex codes or choosing from a color picker and see all the templates transform almost instantly. 

This is perfect for designers & creative entrepreneurs.


You will get 1 Adobe XD file that contains all 12 mood board templates with main components (9 images, 6 colors & 1 background color) already set up to make updating all templates a breeze - seriously, it’ll only take you a few seconds!

Please note: No graphics/images are included.


These mood board templates are exclusively for Adobe XD. You can download Adobe XD for FREE here.

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